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PROPHET CONTROL  (Direct replacement for original parts)
DESCRIPTION  OEM or T/M Part # CMF Part or Dwg. No. NSN
ANB Plate A3295064    
I/O Panel Box A3295089    
I/O Panel Cover A3295091    
Speaker Plate RS & CS A3295097-1    
Mounting Plates (1 of -01 & 1 of -03 A3295086    
Sincgars Antenna Offset Plate A3295094    
Sincgars Back Plate A3297139    
Weapon Bracket CS & RS 33-107195-02    
Light Plate: (32) Deleted-03 A3297149-01    
IO Panel Back Cover A3297138    
Mounting Plate A3297168    
Wheel Well Mounting Plate A3297169    
Remote Control Switch Box Spacer A3297164    
Battery Charger Cover A3297166    
Remote Pass Thru Box (lasercut "D" holes only) A3297145    
Switch Bracket, Battery Alarm A3299348    
Remote Hub Tray A3297151    
EMI Bezel 4" A3299325    
EMI Bezel 5" A3299326    
EMI Window 4" A3299327    
EMI Window 5" A3299328    
Hub Switch Plate A3299335    
Clamp, Cable A3299343    
Cable Clamp Top A3299331    
Cable Clamp Bottom A3299324    
I/O Panel Splash Guard Plate A3297158    
Bracket, Power Terminal A3299336    
Cover, Power Terminal A3299340    
Guard A3299338    
PDP Top Plate A3295073    
Curb Side Splash Plate A3295077    
Hardware Box Shroud A3297134    
Weapons Mount A3297148    
Power Dist. Box Bottom Plate A3295071    
Power Box Top Pate A3295082    
Power Box Bottom Plate A3295080    
PDB Hinge A3295074