Parts Database

DESCRIPTION  OEM or T/M Part # CMF Part or Dwg. No. NSN
ANTENNA SUPPORT Ass'y (OUTRIGGERS)                                                    143100G3-0 5985-01-485-3062
Consisting of the following itemized list:      
Outrigger , Truss           143110G3-1 2510-01-485-1921
Lower Shackle Ass’y , Truss          143110G3-2 5340-01-485-3067
Lower Shackle Pin (1" Dia pin w/lanyards & Hairpin)         143110G3-3  
3/8" Pin .375" clevis on lanyard    143110G3-4  
Screw Jack                                                    143120G2  3040-01-485-1922
Ground Pad                                                 143130G2 5340-01-486-0021
Ground Pad Center Pin  (Friction Pin)                                              143130G2P3  
Anchor Pin                                                             143140P2 5680-01-485-3066
Strap, Webbing                                                  143150P1 5340-01-485-3064
Bracket, Transport                                                           143160G2 5340-01-485-3068
Bracket, Feedboom                                                                              143200G1  
Case, Accessory Equip. W/lid (Aluminum Wood lined)                                                   143180G1  
Lid Case, Accessory Equip. (Aluminum)                                                    143180G1-LID  
Hardware Kit for above (Spares)   145000  
          Consisting of the following itemized list:      
   1 pin W Lanyard ( 3/8" for truss)      
   1 pin W/Lanyard (1" dia w/hair pin/cotter and Lanyard for lower shackle      
   1 Nut (1" for screw Jack)      
   1 Nut (5/8" for Transport Bracket)      
   1 Friction Pin for Ground Pad      
   1 Anchor Spike for Ground Pad      
   1 Bolt W/Nut for Feedboom Bracket Clamp      
   1 Strap, Webbing      
Accessory Kit (Everything Excluding Trusses)   146001