Parts Database

DESCRIPTION  OEM or T/M Part # CMF Part or Dwg. No. NSN
Bracket, Support, Cover  1676222    
Bracket Receiver Protector Plate  1643656    
Mount, Rifle 33-107195-01   1005-01-544-0064
Mount, Rifle 33-107195-03   1010-01-556-2101
Cylinder Mounting Strap (Fire Extinguisher) 14233396    
QRSA Erection Actuator Upper Mounting Lugs NA QRSA Antenna Repair  
V4 Trailer Frame Assy (AN/TSQ-226(V)4) A3303225    
Bracket Assembly Antenna Base A3184339   5340-01-399-6882
Bracket, Multiple Angle Bracket A3018371-1    5340-01-392-2217
Bracket, Multiple Angle Bracket A3018371-2    5340-01-425-8010
Antenna Support A3210768   5985-01-477-9907 
Bracket A3265441    
Bracket, Antenna Adapter A3265576    
Spacer A3265440    
Spacer A3265439    
Antenna Mtg. Brkt A3014546   5340-01-391-2742 
Antenna Offset Mount A3046223-1   5985-01-244-4265
Cover Antenna A3046219   5985-01-244-9836 
Antenna Bracket A3018974-1    
Antenna Assembly Base A3204309-4    
Adapter, Antenna To Antenna Base 7030628-501   5985-01-472-5546 
Guard, Brush, Vehicular 7030627-501   2540-01-472-8361
Base, Antenna Support 7030621-501   5985-01-472-6637
Hardware Kit, Electronic Equipment 7030626-501   5340-01-472-6639 
Plate, Harness 7030182-501    
Bracket, Tee 7030387-1    
Plate, Floor 7030381-501    
Plate, Cover, EDFA  X108373    
Plate, Hose End SM-C-94793    
Sheath Interm - Guard Hose 835028A0819   4720-01-343-5830
Bracket, Mounting (VIS BRACKET) A3206538    
Bracket, Mounting RIT Loudspeaker A3206324    
Angle Ladder Stowage A3020370    
Equipment Guard, Rear A3265823    
Equipment Guard, Front A32865824    
Guard, Turbo 13230E6334    
Screen 091093020    
Hook, Drapery "Curtain Rod Hook" A Dimension .88 82-2734246-1   7230-01-382-3656
Hook, Drapery "Curtain Rod Hook" A Dimension 1.88  82-2734246-2   7230-01-382-3658
Hook, Drapery "Curtain Rod Hook" A Dimension 1.38   82-2734246-3   NA
Item, Special "Curtian Rod" 82-2734241-1   5895-01-382-5170
Holder, Wing Nut 82-2734226-1    
Spacer SM-C-974982    
Spacer, Sleeve SC-B-577998   5365-00-142-6894
Spacer 7247645    
Spacer, Nylon 6499-344647-1    
Clip Assembly Plate 6499-344383-1    
Stud, Grounding 6499-344505-1    
Waveguide, Cover Assembly 6499-344153-1    
Clamp, Waveguide SST 6499-344760-1    
Waveguide, Mounting  Bracket 1658888    
Cable Bracket / Backshell Connector SM-D-802814    
Handle, Bow SM-A776168-8    
Insulator, Circuit Card 1636498    
Clamp, Card 148673-2    
Bus Bar Jumper 1643914    
Support, Cable SM-C-890820    
Clamp, Cable SM-C-802970    
Lighting Rod And Cable Assembly SM-C-890143    
CAM, Air Control 1661831    
Frame, Kever Driver Modulator 654E4662-7    
Plate, Generator Output 13229E5827    
Cable Box / Lower Box 4144296-101    
Protective Cover 6499-344688-1    
Assembly, Fixed Circumferential A3020302    
Bolt, Special 121B922   5306-01-306-9016
Key, Woodruff 11450110   5315-01-288-0320
Pin,Guide SM-C-414981    5315-00-858-6638
Support Cup SM-B-802888    
Shaft Adapter SM-C-947975    
Guard Welded Assembly Center-Rear HMMWV A3249369     
Panel Compartment Middle A3204249    
Gasket 0N274304-1    
Bracket Support SM-B-802889    
STANDOFF,THREA   A3155024    
Retainer Screen SM-D-949801    
Cover Switch Elevation 1689966    
Bracket, Angle 17-1-8578   5340-01-500-1208
Strap, Battery Box 13225E9061   5342-01-279-7812
Holder SM-C-974528-1    
RJ-45 patch panel MA10300 REV A    
RJ-45 patch panel with F-type adapters MA10200 REV D    
Fiber Rope Assembly, Single leg A3167672-1   4020-01-341-8795
Plate, Mounting (Assembly) A3014550   5340-01-391-2740
Screw, Txt Rlv Body A3018701-4    
Waveguide 654VE7190-2   5985-01-293-9998
Louver Straight Assy. SM-C-975524-3    
Bumper Plastic 725016A3150-1    
Shield RF 77D608129    
Shielding Desc 77D610674    
Fan Guard 13230E6289    
Plate Contact Mounting 10087-3211    
Register Metal G167332-1    
 Bolt Adjusting Reflector SM-C-949227    
PLUG, TIP SM-C-885569    
Altered Rod, Threaded SM-C-948156    
Grill Assy. CPP ECU (green) A1-38665D-001    
Grill Assy. CPP ECU (tan) A1-38665D-002    
Panel Fiber Optic Patch (Rev B) D1-38384D    
Plate Mounting RJ45 Desktop LAN M-1068 D1-38605D    
Panel, SIPR LAN A1-38298D-001    
Panel, TFOCII A1-38298D-002    
41D, RWS, SEP Panel A1-38299D-001    
Plate SEP(M1068) (Rev D1) A1-38301D-002    
Plate Upper TIP(M1068) (Rev E) A1-38300D    
Plate, Lower TIP (M1068) (Rev D) A1-38302D    
Panel, TIP TOP (RWS) (Rev C) A1-38349D-002    
Panel, TIP Middle (RWS) (Rev C) A1-38350D-002    
Panel TIP Bottom (RWS) (Rev D1) A1-38351D-002    
TIP Backing plate (RWS) (Rev A) A1-38352D-002    
SEP (RWS) A1-38383D-002    
SEP, RWS, SBCT Panel A1-38383D-001    
Panel, CAU Pass Through A1-37375D-001    
Bracket Hand Set Clip (Rev A) A1-38602D    
PLGR Mounting Brkt A1-38603D    
Bracket Mounting Power Strip 07-P54927F    
Frame, Panel Tent Interface RWS 07-P54330F001    
Frame, Panel Tent Interface RWS 07-P54330F002    
Cover, Tip - RWS 15-P54325F001    
Enclosure, Tent Interface RWS 15-P54320F001    
Gusset, Enclosure SM-D-802119   NA
Gusset, Enclosure SM-C-80207   NA
Frame Louver SM-D-974561   NA
Cryptographic Modernization      
Micro-D Connector (KIV-7M Power) 14526251   5975-01-587-5174
Micro-D Connector (KIV-7M Power) With 10' 18-2 SEOOW 14526251-10FT   NA
Universal-M-Rack - KIV-7M Interface Cable Assy 6" 14526250-06IN    
Signal Entrance Assy A1-40875D    
Signal Entrance Panel A1-40873D    
NCC Electrical Box Spacer D1-41469D    
Power Entrance MOD Plate D1-40874D    
Digital Meter Plate D1-40944D    
INU Keypad Interior A1-41463D    
INU Keypad Panel A1-40887D